Noted for their innovative use of fabrics and sentimental silhouettes, the design studio MERCY was founded in 1994. Jennifer Halchuk and Richard Lyle enjoy a symbiotic design partnership, always inspired by colour and textiles. Fabrics are sourced for their quality, strength and beauty. Many are custom woven, and shipped loomstate for finishing after a garment is made. Through their ongoing travels, close direct relationships with textile mills have been honed, resulting in fantastic designs from some of the oldest weavers in the world. The spirit of MERCY is one of whimsical memories. Prints are chosen and created with strong color palettes and stories. The feel of a hand blocked jacket evokes a sense of time. A hand dyed and polished leather button has a soul. The overall look has no reference point, but a dreamlike quality of timeless style. Both designers control all aspects of design, and all pieces are handmade locally.